Brave Jordy helps other young arthritis sufferers

Jordy Armstrong has set up support group Arthritis Kids Unite.
Jordy Armstrong has set up support group Arthritis Kids Unite.
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A young arthritis sufferer is setting up a support group for other children with the condition.

Jordy Armstrong, nine, from Chester-le-Street, has launched Arthritis Kids Unite, to bring together children like himself in the region.

He wants as many children, aged seven to 12, to join the group, which will have its first meeting on Saturday, June 20, at Holyoake Communal Rooms, South Pelaw.

The youngster is hoping the children can meet up every six weeks, get to know each other and together decide what they want to do, and also what fund-raising events they want to organise for Arthritis Research UK.

To help get the ball rolling with the group, Chester-le-Street County Councillor Tracie Smith has donated funding for the first session to buy pizza and chips.

The Cestria Primary School pupil explained: “I wanted to make a group run by us kids with arthritis, so we can talk to each other about our condition.

“I would like to raise money with the group to help other people with arthritis and to have lots of fun on the way, and make friends so we can all help each other.”

Mum Carly, 32, said Jordy was just a toddler when he started to become ill with severe neck problems.

He was put through a series of tests, scans and X-rays before being diagnosed with arthritis at the age of three.

Carly, who is also mum to Kane, 14, said: “The group is all his own idea and he is running the group. I am really proud of him.

“It is really hard because when he is well he is a really good runner, and then other days he can hardly walk.

“But, he doesn’t dwell on it, he just gets on with things.”

To keep his condition under control as much as possible, Jordy takes daily medication, has injections in his joints regularly and also hydrotherapy.

Jordy has dubbed the first meeting “every kid is different, but we all love pizza” and would like anyone who wants to attend to let him know by June 14.

For more information about the group, contact Carly on 07541 472179.