Baby born on bathroom floor brings joy to grieving couple

Baby  Astin - Rene Soloman, 20 weeks.
Baby Astin - Rene Soloman, 20 weeks.
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BOUNCING baby Astin-Rene is helping mend a broken heart.

Each day, the little star is bringing joy back into the life of Kayleigh Solomon.

Kayleigh and Shaun Solomon with their baby son Astin - Rene Soloman, 20 weeks in their home in Falmouth Square, Ford Estate, Sunderland.

Kayleigh and Shaun Solomon with their baby son Astin - Rene Soloman, 20 weeks in their home in Falmouth Square, Ford Estate, Sunderland.

Kayleigh, 24, of Ford Estate, was left devastated after the loss of her son, Alfie, who died at just five weeks old.

Kayleigh and husband Shaun, 27, are now finally beginning to rebuild their lives and are looking forward to the future after Astin-Rene made a surprise arrival.

In fact, the tot was so anxious to arrive, he was born on the bathroom floor before Kayleigh had time to get to the hospital.

The newborn was delivered with help from Shaun, a production worker, at the couple’s Falmouth Square home after Kayleigh’s waters suddenly broke.

Kayleigh, a care worker, said: “With Alfie I had a slow labour, so when I started getting a few pains I thought it would go on for a few days. But my waters broke when I went to the toilet and the baby immediately started crowning.

“When my husband knelt down and saw the baby’s head, he turned white. He had already phoned the paramedics, but by the time they arrived it was all over, he’d delivered the baby.”

For most mums, giving birth on the bathroom floor would be a oneoff, but Kayleigh really shouldn’t have been too surprised. Her first son, Aaron, now six, arrived in exactly the same way.

She said: “With Aaron I had no pain at all. I just went to the toilet and my waters broke. My mam and her friend had to deliver him. Everyone has been laughing saying what is it about me and bathrooms?”

Despite the joy of four-month-old Astin-Rene’s arrival, Kayleigh said she will never get over her middle son’s sudden cot death in 2009 and is still running the charity in his name, 4Alfie.

She said: “I don’t think you ever come to terms with it, but you learn to deal with the pain and go on. I still have all his things in storage because I can’t bear to part with them yet.”

Kayleigh said Astin-Rene is the double of Alfie and is a very happy baby who is always laughing.

She said: “I am on edge all the time he is asleep, it is a constant worry the same thing will happen again. I keep checking on him every five minutes and for the first month I didn’t sleep a wink.”

All the money raised through the 4Alfie charity goes towards providing free keepsake boxes in hospitals which are given to families affected by cot death.

•To find out more, go to or contact Kayleigh on 07533152907.