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Hot yoga: Emma Newham is bringing the latest exercise craze in hot yoga to her East Boldon studio
Hot yoga: Emma Newham is bringing the latest exercise craze in hot yoga to her East Boldon studio
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IT might be cold outside but temperatures are soaring at one East Boldon fitness studio.

Emma Newham has gained international recognition for bringing the latest fitness crazes to the North East from all corners of thew world.

Emma’s self-designed Barre Concept workout is already being taught in countries including Canada, Australia and Ireland.

Now, she is bringing a new hot yoga craze to her My Body Studio in the village.

Designed so that students work in soaring temperatures, ensuring they get maximum benefit from their stretches, the classes already have customers racing in from the cold.

Kay Kelly, yoga teacher at the studio, said: “I’ve seen the difference in my students after one session of hot yoga, especially in relation to their hamstring and general flexibility in comparison to normal yoga done at room temperature.

“It’s hard work but the results are worth the effort.

“Existing students who’ve tried this have loved this and have felt immediate benefit.”

Phill Kelly, who took part in the new class, said: “I came in a little sceptical but with an open mind. I found myself sweating a lot more than usual but not uncomfortably so.

“The temperature did not make exercise or breathing any more difficult for me and after 10 minutes I found I wasn’t thinking about the heat.”

Emma, who travels extensively teaching her methods to fitness experts across the world, added: “Exercising in the heat is the latest fitness trend at the moment.

“I have tried and taught many types of yoga over the years but I’ve never been able to go as deep into a stretch as I can with hot yoga. The external heat from the environment, plus your own internal body heat, relax the muscles and allow you to go further into a particular posture than under normal conditions. It’s really effective and a great way to start the New Year after all of the Christmas excess.”

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Just answer the following question:

What is the temperature hot yoga is usually performed at?

a) 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit

b) 115-120 degrees Farenheit

c) 125-130 degrees Farenheit

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