Ha'way Back When: Your memories of Sunderland's epic Wembley weekend '“ four years on

Four years ago today, Sunderland were at Wembley for the League Cup final against Manchester City, a memorable weekend, despite the 3-1 defeat.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 8:15 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd March 2018, 8:25 pm
Fabio Borini celebrates his goal against Manchester City at Wembley. Picture by Frank Reid

We asked readers for their memories of the experience and were inundated.

Dek Gallagher: We had “good” tickets so had to be all suited and booted, but when borini scored I ripped off me jacket , shirt and tie to reveal the red n white stripes underneath and celebrated like a loooooon

Fabio Borini scores Sunderland's opening goal.

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Anth Topping: Covent Garden being class and silent celebrations when Borini scored as I could only get a ticket in the city end for £250 and I wasn’t getting kicked out! Had a class view of our fans doing the Poznan after Borini scored too

Valerie Metcalf: Will always wonder why Kompany wasn’t sent off after attempting to kick Borini in the head just before he scored. Even if Atkinson had booked him he should have been booked at least twice for further bad play. Enjoyed the occasion, but outclassed by a team who probably cost 10 times ours then. Would be 100 times more expensive now, at least !!!

Mal Robinson: I was invited to a private party by Ellis Short in Earl’s Court. My brother in law and I attended with every intention of going back to Covent Garden with the masses, until we realised it was a free bar and were the last ones out at 3am! Row 1 tickets too for the game, I was practically sat on Gus Poyet’s knee! What a first half - the Borini goal was deafening when it went in, not so much a cheers, more of the noise of thunder from the fans. Unreal, just like the din of the Sunderland fans all weekend around London - unreal scenes.

Chris Thornhill: I was there flew over from Australia when the calling comes you have to go even though it was 5 days saw more people in London than I would of round the doors. Ha

Sunderland fans go wild after going 1-0 up

Andrew Hornsby: Had to be the monumental night in Covent Garden the day before, then that rare feeling of euphoria when Borini scored taking us in the break 1-0 up.

Paul Noble: Going into the Wetherspoons near Trafalgar Square early morning to get a lining on the stomach for the beer I was going to shift that day. Expecting it to be empty only to find literally hundreds of SAFC fans in there singing their heads off. Also the corner shop owner charging SAFC fans £20 for 4 cans of beer because he’d literally sold out of everything alcoholic.

Stuart Wilson: Watched it at the SoL. Had tears of joy after Borini’s goal, we definitely dared to dream (for a little while at least).

Jarryd Paone: I wasn’t there but I could tell it was magic. I woke up half of Melbourne when Borini scored.

Sunderland fans celebrate going ahead against City

Phil McGrath: The bloke who was sitting in front of me needed the toilet - whilst he was sitting on said loo - we went 1-0 up - he said he thought the stadium was collapsing!! We were living the life at 1-0 -especially as we’d travelled from the North West with all the City fans and getting stick all the way home - would have loved to have returned the stick on the return leg..... one day

Mark Harvey: Being the ONLY Sunderland fan in pub packed with City Fans 10 miles from Manchester. I made more noise on my own when we scored than the whole pub did together when they equalised. Have not got a clue how I got home (normally a 10min walk) and why my jeans were covered in mud!!!!!

Ian Burnham: The night before .....seen nothing like it.....I never saw a man city scarf.....until I got into ground on Sunday !!!

John Murch: Pre-match atmosphere...unbelievable

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Tom Mallan: Onboard an Australian Warship, in my cabin with my laptop, with the cable stretched as far as it could, into my bunk and refreshing the page every 2 mins!

Glen Hilton: Our fans singing as I arrived at Kings Cross station will live with me forever the noise was amazing. We got the best fans in world

Ryan Ebdale: Poznan. What a day. Where has my club gone?!

David Irving: Loved the first half !! Wembley erupted when Borini scored!!

Nigel Taylor: Not so much the match but the scenes in Covent Garden the day before the game...brilliant.

Joanne Campbell: Amazing weekend with my family, great memories made.

Fabio Borini scores Sunderland's opening goal.

Neil King: Class weekend loved every minute of it imagine if we had won

Elizabeth Milestone: Listened on the radio, at halftime the commentator said that the City team looked beaten

Daniel Polách: Poznan

Kevin Hicks: Not being able to get there

Ian Fraser: It was the whole weekend. Camden town we got barred out of pubs for singing too loud lol. Headed up to Covent Garden with the masses. Walked up a back alley and seen an old school mate for the first time in 12 years that night. The singing was never as passionate again after that night. My mate downed a litre of vodka in an orange juice carton. We took him to hospital to sober up because he passed out on the pavement and the coppers were wanting him gone or he’d be arrested. The next morning he found himself on youtube laid out on the path.

Then the walk up Wembley way taking it all in. Feeling full of excitement and sheer nerves of what might be.

On the halfway line cordon next to City fans on the far side of the stadium, my brother in law’s uncle argued constantly with City fans and he never saw any of the match. lol

Then Borini magically found the net and he was the only Sunderland player in the city half. I think I jumped out of the stadium my celebration was that high a leap.

But then the second half came and then I was reminded of what being a Sunderland supporter is, that it will always be so near yet so far.

Stopped at a service station on the way back and a bus load of city fans came in and some shook my hand and they admitted we deserved it more for passion and the way we were just in their faces the whole game.

Sunderland fans go wild after going 1-0 up
Sunderland fans celebrate going ahead against City
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