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Doxford says no to boundary changes

Wednesday, 30th November 2016, 8:18 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 11:32 am

The boundary commission proposals to re-balance constituency sizes may be a sensible democratic step in the right direction or divisive political manoeuvre which is only going ahead for the political advantage it gives to the Tories.

But regardless of the motivations in the case of Doxford it is clear that it is a bad move for the residents, Doxford and for Sunderland. The public has until December 5 to register their objections.

Although the numbers add up having an Easington MP with Sunderland councillors makes less sense for Doxford than for the coalfields wards in Houghton or Hetton.

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Most of Doxford is relatively new with no Doctors surgery, no dentist, no sports facilities and no Parish Church all of these facilities are in Silksworth, Ryhope or St Chads.

We need a Sunderland MP who can balance the people of Doxford’s need for these services with those of our neighbours in the rest of the city.

Similarly our public transport links are Sunderland focussed with no direct route from residential areas to Seaham, Easington or even Houghton.

Doxford is strategically vital for Sunderland.

It forms the majority of the South Sunderland growth area and the Siglion Chappelgarth development we need an MP who can represent the needs and views of new and existing residents while having a full understanding of the bigger picture and the city’s need for new housing.

Similarly Doxford International continues to evolve as a Sunderland business hub.

Not to have it in a Sunderland constituency doesn’t make sense. We need a Sunderland MP.

In order to balance the numbers the boundary commission cut out a large part of Ryhope (Tunstall Bank etc.) this proposal will leave the community of Ryhope needlessly split between two Parliamentary constituencies. Perversely the part of Ryhope nearest to Easington would remain in Sunderland and the part furthest away in Easington!

We cannot allow some nameless bureaucrat with a spreadsheet map and marker pen to needlessly create an administrative mess. With a relatively small amount of re-jigging it is possible to move Birtley out of Sunderland and into Chester-le-street and move Doxford back into a city constituency where it belongs.

Residents can stop this from happening by voicing their opinions at the boundary commission web site at www.bce2018.org.uk and by befriending and posting their views on the ‘Doxford Says No’ Facebook page.

A Marshall,


Thristley Wood