Has Gary got talent, or is he just pants, man?

Gary Craig
Gary Craig
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HE’S certainly got originality and enthusiasm, but has Pantsman got talent?

Record-breaking Gary Craig will be starring in this year’s series of ITV1’s Britain’s Got Talent, which starts on Saturday.

But the 52–year–old, who scooped a Guinness World Record title last year for pulling on 211 pairs of underpants in 25 minutes, has already caused quite a stir with his act.

Mr Craig, a father–of–two from Whitburn, travelled up to the auditions in Glasgow and performed in front of veteran judge Amanda Holden and new panellists Baywatch star David Hasselhoff and comedian Michael McIntyre.

Mr Craig, an architect, said: “I can’t say too much, but I think it’s fair to say there was certainly a mixed reaction from the judges.

“Obviously what I do is original, but I’ve had to change things slightly for the purpose of the show as I only had a short time to show them what I’ve got.

“Let’s just say there’s a special reason why most of the pre-show publicity shots show me from behind, but that doesn’t matter because I’ve got a face for radio anyway.

“I just thought I’d give it a go. In the past I’ve seen blokes standing there eating After Eight mints and I though ‘I’ve got more talent than him’.”

Mr Craig, was also filmed with Stephen Mulhern, host of the ITV2 spin-off show Britain’s Got More Talent.

He said: “We had a 30-second mini pants pulling on competition and then I was filmed all though my audition. They even got me walking off into the sunset with me and just my pants.”

That’s not the only TV show Mr Craig will be starring in. On May 2, he’ll also be featured on ITV1’s Britain’s Best Dish.

Contestants, who are amateur cooks, battle it out for a £10,000 prize and the chance to have their winning creation on the menu of London’s Savoy Hotel.

Mr Craig decided to impress judges with his Union Jack Pie which contained beef, haggis, Guinness and leeks.

He said: “I was fully clothed this time and I was personally very pleased with the way things panned out.

“I came up with the idea of the pie as they’re all key ingredients from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

“I gave a pair of underpants to one of the presenters, Mary Nightingale, so I hope that will be aired.”

Mr Craig is now looking forward to watching his antics on screen.

He said: “I’ve seen myself in the adverts for Britain’s Got Talent, but I’m not sure what night it will be on, so I’ll just have to stay tuned in.”