Half of people heading for 'cliff edge' retirement, finds study

Picture by PA
Picture by PA
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Almost half of people are heading for a "cliff edge" retirement by not making any arrangements to gradually reduce their hours before stopping work, a new study shows.

A survey found that two out of five people planning to retire in the next five years were worried about managing their money, while a third were concerned about feeling bored.

Almost half of the 1,000 adults questioned by the Centre for Ageing Better charity had not made any attempt to reduce their working week or hours to prepare for stopping altogether.

Claire Turner, of the Centre for Ageing Better, said: "Retirement is a major life change that most of us will eventually experience, yet little is understood about how it affects us.

"Traditionally it is viewed as a halcyon period of more time to enjoy travel, family and hobbies and for many that's the case, but our survey shows that while some people flourish, others find it a challenging time."