Greyhound sanctuary struggling as re-homing levels drop

Jason Morgan with 'Neve' and 'Sampson'.
Jason Morgan with 'Neve' and 'Sampson'.
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RE-HOMING has hit an all time low at a charity set up to stop dogs being put down.

Greyhound Rescue North East is full to capacity with dogs in need of a loving home and has had to close its doors to any more.

Volunteers at the charity are urging people to consider greyhounds as pets after its re-homing numbers dramatically slumped.

It takes in retired racing dogs and whippets who the charity says are sometimes put down by owners when they are no longer needed for racing or working.

As well as kennels in Easington Colliery, the charity has a number of foster homes throughout Sunderland, Washington and Durham.

Volunteer Sharon Morgan from Washington said: “We have no idea why, but re-homing levels are really bad at the minute. We have some beautiful dogs.

“Normally we struggle to home black dogs, but we have all kind of colours, like blue and white dogs which usually go straight away, and people still aren’t taking them.

“We’ve had to close our doors. Because there are no dogs going out we can’t take any more in. In this situation we do try to a pass the new dogs on to other charities.

“We never put dogs down here, some of the dogs in the kennels have been here for two years.”

Sharon says greyhounds are an ideal pet and don’t require as much exercise as people think. “Because they are former racing dogs people think they need lots of exercise,” she explained. “But they only need about two 20 minute walks a day, the rest of the time they just sleep.

“They are also brilliant with kids.

“We get such good feedback from people who re-home greyhounds, they always end up coming back to get a second one.”

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re-homing greyhounds contact Sharon on 07702 407876 or visit the website on