Great Disney giveaway – TODAY!

Jake Footes 11.
Jake Footes 11.
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THE Sunderland Echo has a great Disney offer starting today.

We’re offering a range of 24 Disney ecyclopedias for only £2.99 each, but the first is FREE with your Echo on Tuesday, March 15.

We have enlisted the help of some young reviewers, who have given the thumbs up to the free children’s book.

Year 6 youngsters at Sunderland’s Benedict Biscop CE Primary School agreed to put all 24 encyclopedias in the Wonderful World of Knowledge series through their paces.

The first edition of the books, which feature favourite Disney characters, is Dinosaurs.

It explains in easy-to-understand terms how they came to walk the Earth 200 million years ago and the characteristics of fearsome creatures such as Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Youngsters Jamie Rankcom and Sam Horner, pictured, put Dinosaurs to the test and here’s what they thought: “We read the whole book and overall we would give it a 10 out of 10, it’s so good.

“The reason we found it so interesting is that it gives you lots of amazing facts about amazing creatures.

“Our favourite page is ‘Bonehead Dinosaurs’. Did you know that a bonehead dinosaur is two metres in length? Amazing fact: The dome on the head of pachycephalosaurus, the largest bonehead, could be 25cm (10in) thick.

“The book was easy to read as the information was broken into easy-to-read chunks. The book is full of pictures and labelled diagrams, which give even more information. The Disney characters make it entertaining – especially for younger children.

“We would definitely recommend it to other readers and anyone who wanted to find out more about dinosaurs.”

Following on from Dinosaurs will be Planet Earth and others coming later in the series include Sport, Space, Dance, Drama and Music and The World of Art.

Every Tuesday, another book in the series will be available and readers will be able to buy it for only £2.99 with an Echo voucher from a number of retailers across the city.