Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: iPhone/iPad: Action

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PERHAPS the crowning glory of the previous console generation, GTA: Vice City on any gaming device will give gamers all the over-the-top Rockstar action they could ever ask for.

Porting it to iOS systems has not been without its hiccups – translating the complex control system from multi-buttoned PS2 controller to sleek touchscreen was never going to be easy, and it shows at times.

But if, as a hardcore GTA fan, you put those niggles aside, playtime in the sandbox world of Vice City is as much fun as it ever was.

You’ll revel in retracing the steps of Tommy Vercetti and his rise to mafioso fame, and realise that the game’s awesome array of voice-acting talent and peerless soundtrack still sound as brilliant as ever.

However, if it’s your first foray into this world first realised on PS2, the graphics and controls may prove a bridge too far.

But console yourself in the fact that it’s not too long to wait for GTA V...