Grand Theft Auto V: PS3: Action: £34.99

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V
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A thousand words wouldn’t do this game justice, let alone a hundred or so.

Put simply, Rockstar (and the media) have been making all the right noises about GTA V delivering the ultimate sandbox gaming experience, and in this instance, it more than delivers.

Its ambition is matched by its execution, as you dive into a staggeringly vast world.

It offers everything from carefully-planned heist action to a set of tennis and a spot of yoga on a mountain top.

Pulling on everything that has been great about Rockstar’s previous hit titles, the gameplay, driving mechanics, graphics, customisation and sense of humour explodes across every inch of the metropolis and its surrounding countryside areas.

Set aside dozens of hours to fully explore the single player campaign, then revel in the fact that online promises even more.

It’s the finest game of this generation, and a suitable way to sign-off on PS3, before it pops back up on PS4 ...