'Good idea', 'absolute joke' and 'put them in Joplings' - what you said about Sunderland Civic Centre's potential move to Vaux site

From building a new railway station or concert hall to moving the civic centre near the cement works or even under them.

Wednesday, 10th October 2018, 12:04 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th October 2018, 12:08 pm
The 3.5m Sunderland Civic Centre nears completion in 1971.
The 3.5m Sunderland Civic Centre nears completion in 1971.

As revealed by the Echo yesterday, authority leader Coun Graeme Miller says a new building is “a necessity" and that the civic centre "just isn't fit for purpose".

The 3.5m Sunderland Civic Centre nears completion in 1971.

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With the proposal to be discussed by the council on Wednesday, October 17, Echo readers have had their own debate on what should happen to the Burdon Road buildings and its workforce..

Stewart Graham wrote on our Facebook page: "Should be looking at housing for the homeless people who are living rough. Could also look at cheaper houses that families can afford to stop these private landlords.

Sylvia Weetman came up with an idea for the current site which may please music fans, saying: "Weneed a concert hall so we don't have keep going to Newcastle to see bands."

Paul Summerside, who felt the move "was always gonna happen, had another idea: "Frees up the old site for housing and perhaps a brand new train station making Park Lane a transport hub for Sunderland.

Duncan Goodfellow was even more positive, writing: "A good idea, and will help rejuvenate the area, increasing footfall in the city centre.

Also read: "Councillors won't make a penny out of move to Vaux site""However I would happily have told the council that for half of the £45k it cost for the report. The move was suggested donkeys years ago, so just get on with it."

Louise Glenwright was against any move, arguing: "Absolute joke!!! Leave the civic centre where it is and build a leisure centre on the Vaux site for the children of Sunderland."

Others were for a move but not to the largely empty Vaux site.

Michael McCutcheon said: "Stick the council in Fawcett Street, don’t need to waste a prime piece of land on local government buildings.

"Build something useful on the vacated land which might attract some people to the city centre."

Jacki Thew added: "Put them in Jòblings instead of building yet more student accommodation.

"Knock the civic down and build a new affordable village of social housing....bet it doesn't happen though."

Also read: Sunderland City Council council tax bills could rise by nearly four per cent amid further cutsDiana Lambton wrote: "Love to see the civic hall go, horrible ugly building and takes up so much land.

"Move the council down on the quayside or near the cement works, or even under the cement works. I don't think people would mind."

Steven Spoors added: "It's like Sunderland is trapped in a perpetual doom loop.

"The same 'better than nowt' air of desperation and resignation hangs over the town like an ever present cloud through the decades."

Bill Middlemas was also concerned that the council might move home before a buyer is found for its current headquarters.

He said: "I think they should stay there until they decide what will happen with the current site. So it doesn't sit for 20 years as a derelict burnt out eyesore."