'Go cry into your trophies!': Sunderland fans hit back at Manchester City over Checkatrade Trophy row

Sunderland fans have been quick to react to Manchester City's 'fury' over the duo's Checkatrade Trophy tie.

Thursday, 17th January 2019, 10:30 am
Updated Friday, 18th January 2019, 12:33 am
Sunderland fans have hit back at Manchester City

The Citizens are set to send their under-21 side to the Stadium of Light on Tuesday, January 22 as the pair lock horns in the last eight of the competition.

But the fixture arrangement has not been without its controversy, with City reportedly 'furious' over the date of the fixture - which falls just one day before their Carabao Cup semi-final tie with Burton Albion.

Pep Guardiola had hoped to field some youngsters in the second leg having won the initial tie 9-0, but will now be denied the opportunity.

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READ: The full story of Manchester City's fury over the Checkatrade Trophy schedulingAnd Sunderland fans have been quick to respond to the Premier League club's outrage, with little sympathy for their upcoming opponents.

Here's the best of the reaction from social media:

On Twitter, Joe Mence said: "Man City’s first team shouldn’t influence the U21 games because they have such a big lead in the cup semi final. It wouldn’t be an issue if they were 2-0 after the first leg cause the U21’s wouldn’t play, so why is it an issue now?"

George Anderson added: "Would it not benefit them more playing a strong Sunderland 11 that have no game the following week rather than a Burton team which are already beaten ?"

MORE: We put Sunderland AFC through the #TenYearChallenge'Digger' posted: "Diddums springs to mind. Imagine having to play your 1st team in a 1st team game. Plenty would argue the 21's should be nowhere near the Checkatrade anyway."

John Ridley joked: "Feel sorry for city. Limited resources and wanted to give their youngsters a chance to play Burton in the cup. Jack Ross has had it much easier than Pep. Thinking of wearing (and selling) pray for city t-shirts for the game"

Paul Swinney tweeted: "Hang on, they can't have it both ways. Their kids have played 6 (SIX) 'meaningful' games to date in this competition. So they miss one chance to play against a team trailing 9-0 in the League Cup? They can cry into 1 of their many trophies at the end of the season about it."

On Facebook, Ian Clark said: "Typical twisting because he can't get his own way"

Tony Hines commented: "He needs his best side!! BURTON must be pretty confident of overturning the 9-0 deficit but admit the away goal rule might hinder their chances slightly"

David Wilkinson added: "they must have a big enough squad.just buy some more players."

Paul Maple posted: "they’ll be fine, just play Aguero & De Bruyne in a 1-1 formation and they’ll get through"