Girl’s pet cat killed in South Shields street by dogs

Mollie Tyrrell at the grave of her cat Maggie.
Mollie Tyrrell at the grave of her cat Maggie.
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A 10-year-old girl has been left heartbroken after her pet cat was mauled to death by dogs.

Mollie Tyrrell can no longer sleep at night after her cat, Maggie, was killed by two dogs outside their home in Raeburn Road, Whiteleas, South Shields.

Mollie Tyrrell with her cushion showing cat Maggie.

Mollie Tyrrell with her cushion showing cat Maggie.

Maggie, aged two, is the second cat to be killed by dogs in South Tyneside in the last three weeks - Charlene Harding witnessed her three-year-old cat Alfie being mauled by lurchers in Limecroft, Jarrow last month.

Mollie’s mum Beverly Robson said the whole family have been sickened by the ordeal and she’s even had to book a doctor’s appointment for her daughter.

Police have visited the family, but say that it’s just been an ‘unfortunate incident’ and no crimes have been committed.

Miss Robson said: “Mollie has been left traumatised by what’s happened she’s so upset she’s not sleeping or eating, I am having to take her to take her to the doctors.

“Maggie was like puppy, you had to see her to believe her, she’d follow Mollie everywhere they were inseparable.

“I’ve had to buy Mollie a cushion with a Maggie’s picture on to try and comfort her. But naturally she’s devastated by what’s happened, dog owners should be keeping their animals under control, this should never happen to your pet.”

Grandmother, Ann Sim, who also lives at the property heard a commotion outside the house on Sunday, August 14, at about 9am.

However, it wasn’t until a few hours later that they realised what had happened to Maggie

She said: “I heard a racket outside and I heard someone say something about a cat but I didn’t think much of it.

“But then a few hours later Mollie went knocking on some doors to see if anyone had spotted the cat as it was unusual she’d been gone so long.

“A lovely couple let her look round their garden and that’s when we found Maggie.

“Poor Maggie was attacked and then must have limped over a fence before she finally died, she must have been in so much pain.”

The family have now buried Maggie in their front garden and created a grave for her.

Police officers went out to speak to Miss Robson and her mum on Tuesday.

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said: “On Tuesday, August 16 police received information that a cat have been killed by dogs on Raeburn Road, South Shields.

“Officers attended and this appears to be an unfortunate incident, No offences have been committed.”