Ghouls out for summer in Washington

David Marshall and Steve Taylor, right, from Alone in the dark Entertainment, who are organising a ghost hunt at Washington Old Hall..
David Marshall and Steve Taylor, right, from Alone in the dark Entertainment, who are organising a ghost hunt at Washington Old Hall..
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STRANGE things going bump in the night have led to paranormal investigators being called in.

A rise in spooky events taking place in Washington has been reported over the last four months.

Pub-goers are reporting ghostly phenomena, dog walkers claim to have seen strange shapes in graveyards and there have been spooky goings-on taking place at Washington Old Hall.

When a team of paranormal investigators was called to the hall, they stumbled across a string of spooky happenings.

Now Wearsiders are being given the chance to get up close and personal with the ghouls as a special ghost hunt is launched.

Steve Taylor, of Ghost Hunters Team UK, said: “I have seen a man in the lower level of the old hall during an overnight investigation.

“It walked right through the back door of the building but the door was locked. Then at the end of the night I was reversing our van to that door when I again saw a shape of someone in the darkness behind me.

“I hit the brakes and jumped out thinking I’d hit someone but there was no one there.

“When I got back in the van, my gear stick had snapped off. It was if someone didn’t want us to leave.

“We have had it all. Phantom dogs inside the hall where no animals are allowed, pipe smoke in empty rooms and children playing.

“The most hair raising and spine chilling seems to be a nasty black shape that’s been seen in the garden and has come through on Ouija board and threatened the investigators.”

Melanie Clarke, house assistant at the hall, has also seen some strange goings-on.

She said: “I’ve heard what could be children jumping down the stairs and have seen a silhouette of someone walking down the stairs before.

“I think people will be in for a fun night. We’ve had a few paranormal investigators here before and they always seem to find something.”

Now ghost hunters are hoping to introduce some of Washington’s ghosts to the public as they launch a season of paranormal tours and historical ghost walks.

Starting today, the adult and family friendly walks take place across Washington village and Washington Old Hall.

Jill Berry, of Alone in the Dark Entertainment which is hosting the tours, said: “This is the first time Washington and Sunderland has ever really had anything close to this.

“We are hoping to boost the local tourist trade. We are working closely with the old hall and local businessess to create The Haunting of Washington Village, a new historical, myth and ghostly tour that looks at everything from witchcraft to highway robbers in Washington’s history.”

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