Geordie Shore’s Charlotte takes to Sunderland Echo Facebook page to thank fans

Cover of Me ME Me by Charlotte Crosby.
Cover of Me ME Me by Charlotte Crosby.
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Controversial Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has taken to Sunderland Echo’s Facebook page to thank fans for their support following the release of her first autobiography.

Her best-selling book ‘Me Me Me’- which ranked number one on the Sunday Times best-seller list- has had overwhelming support on social media, with many fans taking to the Sunderland Echo Facebook page to show their support for the reality TV star.

Commenting on the Echo’s story about the release on Tuesday, Charlotte ‘high-fived’ one fan who posted: “Never met the girl but sounds like she’s just a normal lass, living the dream, making loads of money, meeting loads of celebs, [and] touring the world. Sounds like paradise to me. If I met her I would give her a high five. “Anyone who thinks otherwise must be radio rental x. Simples.”

Responding to the post Charlotte, who boasts 2.34 million followers on Twitter, said: “That’s you high five.”

The TV star, from Biddick Woods, is no stranger to controversy, as she has been known to publicly state how she thinks of herself as a regular 25-year-old, going out and getting “proper mortal” (hammered) with her mates, and describing her bad habits as farting constantly, scratching her bottom and washing her “bits” with baby wipes because she can’t be bothered to shower.

Despite this fans remain loyal, with one fan who posting on the Echo’s Facebook: “Could watch Charlotte all day- she is beautiful, funny and down to earth! She hasn’t done anything worse than any other girl her age, its just what she gets up to is screened on TV! Get off your high horses and give the lass a break. Keep doing what you are doing Charlotte, I know a lot of Mackems who are proud of you.”

Awwwww thanks Liz that means a lot, it really does.

Charlotte Crosby on Echo Facebook page

Charlotte commenting on the post said: “Awwwww thanks Liz that means a lot, it really does.”

The outspoken TV personality also ‘liked’ many of the positive fan comments on the story, with one fan saying: “Good luck Charlotte, take no notice of negative people.

“You crease me up, If people don’t like you then they shouldn’t watch you.”