Fury after Sunderland Snowdogs vandalised before launch event

The damaged Great North Snowdog in Market Square, Sunderland.
The damaged Great North Snowdog in Market Square, Sunderland.
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Echo readers reacted with fury after two of Sunderland's Great North Snowdogs were damaged ahead of the launch event.

Sixty giant snowdog sculptures have been placed in high-profile locations across the North East as part of a public art trail which will run for the next 10 weeks.

Once the trail ends, the sculptures will be auctioned off to raise funds for St Oswald’s Children’s Hospice.

The dogs were put in place over the weekend, but two in Sunderland have already been damaged.

A wing has been ripped off Aerodog, in Market Square, while Snowdog Down the Rabbithole, in Park Lave Interchange, has a hole in its neck.

The damage has provoked a big response, and comments on the Echo's Facebook page highlighted the anger felt.

June Tye posted: "The ignorant few spoiling it for the many. such a shame."

Sue Edwards added: "Absolute morons! We saw 3 yesterday and what a great cause! Hopefully they never need the services of a hospice!"

Leanne Brettle said: "Waste of time putting anything nice in our city. I actually noticed this when I walked past today and I can't say I'm surprised. Embarrassed and ashamed maybe but not surprised at all."

Kat Berry posted: "And this is why we never get nice things. Ignorant selfish scumbags."

Simon Young added: "There's signs on all of them saying do not climb. There's ropes around the ones in the bridges. Has it stopped people climbing on them? No. People even proudly bragging they let their kids climb on them. This art is meant for everyone. I bet you wouldn't like it if I let my kids climb on your cars eh? Ah it's only daft art man, let the bairns do what they like. who cares?"

Kelly Anne Horn said: "To be honest, the majority of people who have been climbing all over them have not been on benefits. It's ignorance to say that. I've seen kids on them helped up by their parents - there's been drunk people on a Saturday night clambering all over them. It's not about social class, it's a lack of respect from all walks of life."

Anna Maven posted: "I can see the attraction of why children want to climb on them but wish people would read the signs. Children and staff at my school put hours into making a fabulous snow dog that i believe is in The Glass Centre. I hope it isn't damaged."

Kevin Ackroyd added: "Take them indoors at night shame but only way muppets will leave alone."

Susan Hodgson said: "Can't have anything good around always have scum or drunken idiots who'll spoil things for everyone else."

Julie Nelson posted: "No respect! Especially when they are going to be auctioned for good cause!"

Megan Lee added: "The ones in devon got damaged as well. People wonder why there is nothing to do anymore."

Nicola Robson said: "Aww such a shame, nasty spiteful people."

Hilda Dickinson posted: "Some low life who have no respect for anything."

Nicola Soltani added: "This is such a shame."

Heather Westgarth said: "Disgusting."

Margaret Anderson posted: "People just have no respect for property etc."

Lyn O'Kane added: "Pathetic idiots."