Fuel-saving tips

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NORTH East motorists are wasting £284million through inefficient driving, according to new research.

The Energy Saving Trust has found drivers could save an average of £270 each, or 20p of every litre spent on petrol and diesel, by simply following a range of simple smarter driving tips.

The fuel saved in the North East alone would fill the largest cargo ship in the world more than twice over, or 517 Olympic swimming pools.

The trust has launched Fuel Your Passion, a three-month campaign to inspire drivers to save money behind the wheel and cut the amount of carbon dioxide their vehicle emits.

A new online app will show the goodies motorists could buy with the cash they save.

Tim Anderson, senior knowledge manager, said: “Smarter driving techniques are easy to adopt, but can make a huge difference at the pumps, which is more important than ever in these tough economic times.”