From frying pan assaults to egg-pelting incidents, Sunderland police bemoan ‘inappropriate’ emergency calls

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AN ATTACK during which someone was hit in the face with a pan, and a mum who rang police and asked them to tell off her son for stealing her spare change were among reports handled in Sunderland’s East End.

Northumbria Police logged the call about the assault and the report against the youngster as “antisocial behaviour”, a community meeting heard.

A dozen reports of antisocial behaviour were made during a five-week period, including eggs thrown at a window and complaints about noisy neighbours.

Five crimes were recorded in the Long Streets area of the city – theft of a cycle from a garden and lead flashing from a roof in Cairo Street, breach of an antisocial behaviour order and a window being spat at, as well as the attack involving the frying pan.

Inspector Jamie Southwell said: “We want to remind people only to call the police when it’s necessary. If officers are asked to respond when they are not really needed, it means this important police resource may not be available when a real emergency occurs.

“We would ask people to be mindful of this and think whether their call to us is appropriate.”

The figures were revealed at a meeting in the Salvation Army citadel in Cairo Street, with the next to be at 6.30pm on Monday, November 25.