Friends sculpt Angry Bird snowman

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A RARE bird has been spotted in the snow.

The Angry Bird made an appearance after two novice ice-sculptors tried their hand at the craft.

Andrew Leadbitter, 20, with the Angry Bird snowman

Andrew Leadbitter, 20, with the Angry Bird snowman

Philip Mustard and Andrew Leadbitter, both 20, decided to model their unusual snowbird on a soft toy Angry Bird.

“My brother gave me the toy as a joke gift for Christmas the year before last,” said Philip, of Barnes.

“I do like the game, but I’m not mad about it.

“He gave it to me because I spent about £10 trying to win one out of a toy-grab machine at the Taybarns once and never got one.

“A few of the other people we were with won one after just a few goes, so he bought me one after that.

“I was looking for inspiration for an unusual snowman online then remembered this.

“I just caught it out of the corner of my eye and thought, yeah, we’ll try and make that.

“It just turned out that it ended up pretty good.”

Approximately 3ft high, the creation took about three hours to make.

“We started off by making a giant snowball,” said Philip, an engineer.

“Then we cleaned it off and pressed it all down to make it solid.

“We made the tail and used the Angry Bird toy as a model. Then put a cross in the face so we got the eyes and the nose right.

“We wanted to scale it properly.”

Philip and Andrew, who works in IT, scaled the ice sculpture as closely to the toy as possible and used spray paint to colour it.

“It wasn’t really hard,” said Philip.

“It was more cold than anything, and the most difficult part was scaling it properly. Trying to get the nose the right length and getting it in the right place.”

It was the first time the men had tried their hand at ice-sculpting

Philip added: “We’ve never done anything like it before. We just wanted to do something different.”

The bird is nesting in Silksworth slope overflow car park.

Philip said: “We built it on Wednesday and went back to check it on Thursday.

“It was still standing but someone had kicked the tail off and knocked the feathers off the head.

“But the snowball will be solid ice now, so they’ll get a shock if they try and kick that.”

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