Friend expected teen girl and Adam Johnson to 'have sex' during third meeting, court hears

Adam Johnson outside Bradford Crown Court.
Adam Johnson outside Bradford Crown Court.

A friend of the schoolgirl at the centre of the Adam Johnson trial said she expected her pal to 'have sex' with the footballer at their next meeting.

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The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons but will be referred to as Friend 2, told jurors of her account of the meetings between the ex-Sunderland AFC footballer and her friend.

Friend 2's pre-recorded police interview was played to the court today.

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In it, she gave an account of when the girl told her about the alleged sexual activity between her and Johnson.

The court heard that the girl told Friend 2 she had performed a sex act on Johnson and that he had touched her sexually when they met for a second time.

Friend 2 also told police that she heard there was due to be a third meeting between the girl and Adam Johnson.

This was due to be on the night that the girl later confided in her father, and rumours began to escalate about the pair.

When asked what she thought would happen at this meeting, Friend 2 said that the pair would "have sex".

"[The girl] told me," she added.

Speaking about the second meeting, Friend 2 told the court she didn't believe her friend when she first told her about the alleged sexual contact.

She said: "I didn't believe her because I was quite shocked. I didn't believe her at that point but later on I saw messages and she spoke more about it.

"It's a bit weird - she was meeting up with a grown man, she shouldn't have met him."

The girl also told Friend 2 about a number of messages Johnson sent her on WhatsApp and about the other meeting which took place between them, when he was given a signed shirt.

She saw a number of messages from the 28-year-old winger on the girl's phone herself, she added.

Friend 2 also described the girl as "quite funny" and someone who "sticks up for herself".

She continued: "She doesn't let no one bother her, she sticks up for her friends as well. She's a nice girl."

Friend 2 also told jurors that the girl may have previously met the footballer's girlfriend Stacey Flounders at a match.

She said: "I don't know if she was going to organise a top for her, and so he thought 'I'm going to give her the top' or something'."