Fresh bid to demolish Sunderland paper mill

Hendon Paper Mill could make way for housing.
Hendon Paper Mill could make way for housing.
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A new bid is being made to demolish Hendon Paper Mill to make way for housing.

The mill, in Sunderland's Ocean Road, has been closed since the 1980s and owners, Edward Thompson Group, wants to redevelop the site.

A planning application to bulldoze the site of Hendon Paper Mill which has been closed since the 1980s, was initially turned down by Sunderland City Council earlier this year.

It was rejected on the grounds of the loss of bat roosts, a protected species, and that historical information could be lost if not recorded.

However, moves have been made to secure the posting of ten bat boxes.

And, a big heritage report has been carried out by ELG Heritage.

Now, another application is being made for demolition and it is expected following this full planning permission will be sought for housing on the site, which already has outline planning permission.

The 30 page building recording report by ELG Heritage takes an indepth look into the history of the work which was carried out at the paper mill.

It also states that none of the buildings have listed status and have become a target for vandals.

It says: "The site ceased production in the 1980s and all the buildings have fallen into a state of dereliction.

"The report draws on primary and secondary sources to identify and record all of the late 19th and early to mid 20th century buildings in order to provide an archive record of the site prior to demolition.

"At the time of the survey, the building was without electricity and had been vandalised significantly.

"Cabling, pipe work and metal had been stolen, including some manhole covers, which meant that access within the poorly lit building was hazardous and therefore some areas were deemed unsafe.

"The Paper Mill has been redundant since the 1980s and 24 hours security is in place in an attempt to deter vandals.

“However, despite this, unauthorised visitors have stolen cabling, metalwork and piping, rendering the building unsafe."

“The buildings at Hendon Paper Mill were designed and constructed for function. There was little consideration given to architectural value and appearance."