Four-year-old Sunderland girl died after suffering a fit

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A GRIEVING family have been told their four-year-old daughter’s death was probably caused by an epileptic fit.

Aimee Olowole, who died on March 15 this year, had previously suffered a seizure and had been admitted to hospital for tests to try to determine the cause, an inquest was told.

But between the tests being carried out and the follow-up appointment, Aimee passed away after appearing to have suffered from a fit.

During the inquest, at the Regus Centre in Doxford Park, Aimee’s family expressed concerns that the results of the initial scan were not shared with them before her death.

Aimee’s mother Lynne said: “We were not phoned and it was obviously felt not necessary to give us a bit of awareness of what the test had found.

“We just would have wanted to be aware or have some idea that there were some abnormalities.”

Coroner Derek Winter said: “I find the cause of death to be epilepsy with a respiratory tract infection contributing.

“This means, on the balance of probability, I am recording the cause of death as natural causes.

“This was a very tragic sequence of events and it is of no comfort to the family that this was virtually impossible to predict.”

In his summing up, the coroner said he did not think there had been a lack of care given to Aimee.

He said: “I’m not going to attach any notion of neglect as there has to be a gross failure for that to be appropriate.

Dr Harvey, a consultant paediatrician at Sunderland Royal Hospital, said: “This was virtually impossible to predict and I did not think there was a risk of death.

“There was a risk of further seizures but we could not predict when they would be.”

Coroner Winter stated at the end that he would write to the secretary of state over the viability of sharing test results in a more timely way.

Verdict: natural causes