Former Sunderland advice worker guilty of 29 sex offences against six children

Stanley Simpson at Durham Crown Court
Stanley Simpson at Durham Crown Court

A former advice worker from Sunderland has been warned he could face life behind bars after a jury found him guilty of a string of child sex offences.

Stanley Simpson had denied the historic allegations dating over a 20 year period.

I will have to consider a longer sentence and I might consider life.

Judge Simon Hickey

But today, a jury at Durham Crown Court found the 50-year-old guilty of preying on five boys and a girl after four hours of deliberations.

During his trial, which lasted more than two weeks, the court heard that the 50-year-old – who had harboured hopes of becoming a police officer – gave some of his victims alcohol and gifts and allowed them to watch horror films.

But they were subjected to sickening attacks and violence, with Simpson telling his victims they and their families would could to harm if they told anyone what had happened.

Now Simpson is in custody after the jury returned all but two of their verdicts today, delivering guilty verdicts on 29 counts.

Simpson had originally faced 34 counts. A charge of a serious sex attack against one boy was withdrawn during the trial, while two of the counts against another boy were alternative counts.

The jury were due to recommence discussions today to reach a decision over the remaining charges, rape and indecent assault against a woman.

Judge Simon Hickey told Simpson “With these type of offences, all that awaits you is either a long sentence or an extended sentence.

“I will have to consider a longer sentence and I might consider life.”

As Simpson was put in handcuffs and led away last night, he replied: “Thank you, your honour.”

Simpson was found guilty of a serious sex offence and two indecent assaults on one boy.

On a second boy, he was found guilty of indecency with a child and two counts of indecent assault.

The jury also found he had carried out two serious sex assaults, an indecent assault and committed indecency with a child no fewer than three times on a third boy.

He also raped another boy, committed two serious acts against him, as well as carrying out three incidents of indecency with a child and four indecent assaults.

On a fifth boy, he was found guilty of a serious sex attack, two incidents of rape, one count of indecency with a child and three indecent assaults.

The jury also returned guilty verdicts on two charges of indecent assault of a girl.

Judge Hickey told the jury after the foreman delivered his verdicts to return to court this morning without further discussion on the outstanding charges.

Sarah Mallett, prosecuting, told the court: “Once this defendant’s control began over them, he begins this campaign of abuse.

“Perhaps you think they should’ve left or responded, ‘go away’. But they were feeling ashamed, humiliated and embarrassment.”

Simpson had previously told the court he was a family man who did his best to help others.

The case was brought to court following an investigation by Durham and Northumbria forces.