Former soldier threatened to behead police dog in three-hour armed stand-off outside Sunderland home

A knifeman who threatened to behead a police dog during a three hour armed stand-off outside his home has been jailed.

Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 2:25 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 3:27 pm
Dominic Taylor

Former soldier Dominic Taylor caused chaos when he brandished a kitchen knife in the street in front of horrified passers-by, including children, on May 20.

The "disgraceful" confrontation, during which Taylor warned he would cut his own throat and stabbed a wall, came to an end when the 24-year-old sat down on the ground to put on his dressing gown and police swooped on him.

Newcastle Crown Court heard neighbours were diverted away from the house at Shepherd Street, Sunderland, and armed response officers, with a negotiator, were drafted in.

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Prosecutor Bridie Smurthwaite told the court Taylor, who had been given a suspended sentence and a conditional discharge just weeks before, was "shouting and swearing" in the middle of the street and complaining about being owed money by his ex girlfriend.

Miss Smurthwaite said: "He refused to put the knife down.

"He also threatened to chop off a police dog's head if it came near to him.

"Officers say, apart from themselves, members of the public walked past.

"One officer said there was children around and there was disruption caused to residents who wanted to return or leave their addresses.

"He was finally detained after three hours when he sat on the path to put his dressing gown on."

Taylor, formerly of Shepherd Street, Sunderland, admitted having a bladed article, a public order offence and committing an offence in breach of a suspended sentence.

Judge Edward Bindloss sentenced him to 22 months behind bars.

The judge told him: "You had a kitchen knife of seven to eight inches.

"You came outside and into the public place with it and for the next three hours there was a stand-off.

"There was at least five police officers, and a police dog, and one was negotiating with you.

"You were shouting and swearing at the police.

"You stabbed a wall and you threatened to chop the police dog's head off.

"There was significant disruption in the street, in a public place. Members of the publc were walking past, including children, to see this disgraceful


Judge Bindloss said Taylor had been given a chance with previous non-custodial sentences and told him: "You failed to take it."

Vic Laffey, defending, said Taylor is the son of a pharmacist who hoped to follow in his father's career and had never been in trouble until the start of this year when he was given a conditional discharge for criminal damage and a suspended sentence for drugs.

Mr Laffey said Taylor, who is well educated, was "at the end of his tether" at the time of the stand off, after breaking up with his girlfriend and losing his job but has since found new employment and settled down.