Former Motley Crue member is ready to rock the region

WOW 24/7 speaks to John Corabi, former Mötley Crüe member and current member of rock supergroup The Dead Daisies - made up of former members of White Snake, Thin Lizzy, Foreigner and more - ahead of their Newcastle show next week.

Monday, 7th November 2016, 9:46 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:51 pm
The Dead Daisies

Q: Given the varied groups you have all played in before, how did The Dead Daisies come about? Do you feel like a Rock Supergroup?

A) Well The Daisies was started in 2012, by David Lowy (a businessman) and a singer named Jon Stevens in Australia. I personally wasn’t there in the beginning and don’t really know what happened before I got here, but I’ve been told that they wrote a bunch of material and recorded with a bunch of session players and decided to put a band together to tour. It was kind of ‘ass backwards’ actually, because most bands get together and write for a while, then try to get a deal, record an album, then go on tour.

Joh Corabi

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I’ve been with the band since last January, as Jon Stevens left the band to do some solo recording. We’ve recorded two albums since I’ve joined (Revolucion, and Make Some Noise) and things have been steadily getting better with each tour.

The band doesn’t consider ourselves a supergroup, we like to say we’re more like a ‘boys club’ as we’re more a bunch of really good friends that share the same love of classic rock music, if you will, and we’re just having a ton of fun doing this. We’ve all known each other for 20+ years so, it’s been an incredible couple of years hanging, creating, and jamming live with each other.

Q: Your latest album Make Some Noise came out in August and charted well across the globe, are things getting bigger with each release?

Yes. We’re very excited about all the new places we’ve been invited to, i.e. Japan, South Korea, South America, etc, and the growing amount of fans and the amazing support they give us in the places we’ve played already.

Joh Corabi

I think we’re tapping into a huge segment of people that just dig good classic music, and the fun and excitement that we all used to feel when our favourite

bands would put out a new record, or come to town for a show. The energy the fans give back to us via email, and at the shows is really great, and again

it reassures us that rock is still alive and well and the music fans are still there and ready to ‘throw down.’ We’re all very blessed to be in this

business this long, and still be able to do what we all love and continue to make new music and make new friends all over the world.

Q: Are you consciously developing the bands sound with each recording or is it a case of going with the flow when writing songs?

A) It’s very much a ‘go with the flow’ thing here. We’re a bit geographically challenged as David lives in Sydney Australia, Marco, Doug, and Brian live in

Los Angeles, and I live in Nashville. So, both records I’ve done with the guys have been written and recorded very quickly. We start with a bunch of riffs,

and just develop them together.

Q: You are playing across the UK, what have been the group’s experiences over here up till now?

A) Playing in UK has been amazing for all of us. The fans are awesome and have been extremely accepting of all of us, separately and together. It gives us a chance to see and hang with some mates. I’ve played England a couple of times when I was doing my solo acoustic shows and had a blast. I was schooled on a few different warm beers and managed a bit of sight seeing. I also love the history of UK.

•The Dead Daisies play Riverside, Newcastle, with The Answer on Tuesday, November 15. Tickets from