Former anorexic gets £10,000 to help others beat eating disorders

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A FORMER anorexic has landed £10,000 to help improve the lives of women with eating disorders.

Sunderland University graduate Rachel Cowey, who developed anorexia when she was 16, was one of three winners of Glamour magazine and Avon’s Hello Tomorrow Fund awards.

It hands out cash for causes that will make a difference to the lives of women in the UK.

The 26-year-old was told she would die from the illness when she was a teenager, but after treatment at a clinic, she was discharged from a recovery unit almost four years ago.

She entered the Glamour magazine contest to try to improve the services available to those with eating disorders in the North East.

Rachel, from South Shields, is already an ambassador for eating disorder charity Beat and volunteers with the Northern Initiative on Women and Eating. She said: “I hope to create more places of support up here, because there’s not very much at all. It is all very much centred down south.

“I want there to be high-quality treatment services around the country, instead of sufferers having to be treated far from home – or told they need to lose more weight before they can be helped.

“I like to think I survived for a reason, and that is to help others. I’m touched that people believe in me.”