FootGolf? It's far from the world's weirdest sport...

Traithlon juggling.
Traithlon juggling.
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Ramside Hall Hotel is to stage the first North East FootGolf Series.

Combining golf and football may seem an odd concept, but it's far from the most bizarre sport out there.

The chances are, if you can think of it, someone else already has.

Let's take a look at some of the most weird and wonderful ideas out there.

Juggling triathlon.

Swimming, cycling and running. P'fft - what sort of a challenge is that?

REAL athletes relish a REAL challenge, so why not chuck in juggling?

Juggling triathlon is made up of three disciplines - swuggling, buggling and joggling (so-called, presumably, because taking the start of 'jogging' and sticking onto the end of 'juggling' just gets you 'juggling.')

The race starts with the swimming and competitors use back stroke to keep their hands out of the water, before the cycling leg sees them ride one-handed.

Underwater Cycling.

It may sound like fun but this one is NOT for the faint-hearted.

Riders used specially designed dense bicycles, wear scuba equipment and, in the most popular variant, compete just to see who can get the farthest - it's that kind of sport.

There are also competitive events, in which riders go head-to-head on specially designed half-mile courses.

Putting a foot down results in instant disqualification.

Vertical Football.
Everyone loves football, right? And everyone (for a certain value of 'everyone') loves abseiling.

So why not combine the two?

Players - and, indeed, the ball - are suspended from bungee ropes and play at 90 degrees to the more traditional version of the sport.

What can possibly go wrong?

Unicycle Polo.
What better way to combine the decadent elegance of the Raj with that circus skills class Auntie Mabel got you last birthday?

This one looks like genuine fun, though it's difficult to imagine Charles would have caught Camilla's eye in quite the same way if he'd been on a unicycle.

It's like table tennis, but played without bats. Go on - guess what they use instead.

Probably shouldn't be your first choice pass-time if all you have is a rain-sodden leather casey.

Zorb Football.
You know the one thing wrong with traditional soccer? - the players aren't encased in giant plastic balls and encouraged to run into each other at speed.

Now, thank Heavens, someone has put that right.

Human Table Football.
What better way to celebrate the beautiful game than for you and your mates to strap yourselves to big metal bars and recreate the arcade favourite full-size?

Plenty, one imagines.