Football Manager 2013: PSP: Football

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THESE are the games you can lose your life to, especially in that daily commuting down-time on the train or tube.

The annual release of the new Football Manager generally signals the time when most football management veterans struggle to pull their eyes from their PSP screen, while their better halves seek solace in Christmas shopping.

This year’s release heralds a new look, and the opportunity to launch straight into the full Career mode or, as a newbie, ease yourself in via the Classic, streamlined mode, which strips out many of the more advanced bells and whistles that make the game so unbelievably deep.

As usual, it feels like almost every area of the game has been polished, whether you’re dishing out motivational team talks or noting the number of deflections off defenders that your keeper is unlucky enough to be picking out of the net.

It’s gloriously-engrossing stuff, as ever, and a brilliant way to while away the hours on your final few trips to work before Christmas well and truly kicks in!