Football club gets windfall

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A SPORTS club has been handed a cash windfall.

Washington Athletic FC has been handed £2,000 by the Co-operative Community Fund scheme, part of £28,000 shared between community groups and projects across Tyne and Wear.

The Community Fund is created by members of the Co-operative Group.

Regional secretary Suzanne Heron said: “Because The Co-operative is owned by its members, they get a share in any of the profits we make.

“Members can choose to keep the cash or donate all, or part of their share, to local good causes.

“It’s a scheme we’re very proud of, not only because it gives us the chance to thank members for shopping with us, but because so many people do choose to give something back to the local community.

“This year’s fantastic total of nearly £27,000 reflects the growth we are seeing in our membership levels.

“Over 44,000 people in Tyne and Wear now carry the yellow Co-operative Membership card and as that figure continues to grow, so will the amount of cash in the Community Fund pot.”

For details call 0844 262 4001.