Focusing on camera planning

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TOWN leaders are to lobby for CCTV support as a review is carried out into the surveillance equipment.

Seaham Town Council is to contact Durham County Council to discuss if cameras can be installed in Church Street and other areas after a review of the county’s coverage.

A camera has already been installed by the town council in the town park, but it is looking in to the technicalities of putting up more.

Talks are being planned as county councillors prepare to discuss where cameras are sited and how they are monitored. They are looking to improve the service, save cash and make more effective use of the gear.

The review could save £330,000 and may lead to a single control room, a reduction from five, with the removal of a number of cameras that do not provide operational value.

The county will give current owners or providers of the cameras the chance to pay for the council to continue monitoring them or take over themselves.

Cabinet councillors are due to discuss the plans on Wednesday.

It is hoped the change could create more scope for support in Seaham.