Flooded road sparks misery

Flooding on the Blind Lane, between Shiney Row and Sedletch, Houghton.
Flooding on the Blind Lane, between Shiney Row and Sedletch, Houghton.
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RESIDENTS have been left high and dry after a road vanished under water.

Thawing snow combined with heavy rain in recent weeks is being blamed for the flooding near the junction of Golf Course Road and Blind Lane, in Houghton.

Joan Orrell is one of several householders who live in the neighbourhood who say they struggle with road closures and diversions which are set up after spells of bad weather.

“It’s been a problem now for quite some time, at least three or four years,” she said.

“Whenever it rains for any length of time, the water rises and the road is closed.

“I know the weather has been pretty bad recently, but the problem is nothing new. It’s just not getting any better.”

The area has also been targeted by vandals, who partially sawed through four electricity poles earlier this month causing major problems.

The damage was discovered by emergency crews when one of the poles carrying high voltage electricity collapsed into a field.

“There have been a number of problems in the area recently,” said Ms Orrell.

Another resident, who did not wish to be named, said he had seen the water up to 2ft deep.

“When it rains, there just doesn’t seem to be anywhere for the water to go,” he said. “It also covers a good stretch of the road and it must cost a fortune to repair it.

“You sometimes see cars trying to pass through it at speed and they come so close to stalling.

“It’s becoming a real hazard.”

Bosses at Sunderland Council today apologised for any inconvenience, but said plans were in place to improve drainage on the road.

Head of Street Scene Les Clark said: “We are aware of Mrs Orrell’s concerns about this particular section of road, which occasionally has to be temporarily closed because of flooding at times of heavy rainfall or thaw.

“There are alternative routes in place for motorists to minimise any disruption and plans linked to a new housing development in this area should address any drainage problems in the long term.

“In the meantime, we are looking at a cost effective short-term solution to any problems and apologise for any inconvenience the infrequent road closures may cause.”