Flood warning in place for Sunderland’s seafront

Roker seafront, Sunderland
Roker seafront, Sunderland
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Weather experts have put out an alert as high water levels are forecast for Roker’s seafront.

The Environment Agency has issued the warning following a high tide at 6am today.

It says there is a risk of high water levels, large waves and windblown spray along the coast due to the combination of high spring tides and a strong northwesterly wind, although no large surge is expected.

It has also said large waves, spray and flooding of low lying areas is expected on Roker Seafront and it is likely this flood warning will need to remain in force for the high tide tomorrow at 7am.

A flood alert was also in place for Seaburn lower prom, Roker, Hendon Promenade, and Seaham harbour and docks this morning.

Seaburn lower prom and Hendon promenade could also be affected between 6.30pm and 9.30pm in the evening.