Five things you may or may not know about smash film The Full Monty

The theatre show cast of The Fully Monty
The theatre show cast of The Fully Monty
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Bob Stokoe took inspiration from hit Brit flick The Full Monty to surprise wife Liz for her 60 birthday, and here are five little-known bits of trivia about the 1997 film.

1. The six lead actors in the film did in fact perform a full-frontal strip-tease in front of 400 extras. Director Peter Cattaneo described it as “a one-take deal.”

2. In November 1998, Prince Charles re-enacted the unemployment office scene on national television with some young members of the Prince’s Trust.

3. The Young Ones and Bottom star Rik Mayall was considered for the lead role of Gary “Gaz” Schofield before it went to Scottish actor Robert Carlyle.

4. Carlyle went on to win the Bafta award for best actor for his performance as Gaz, who persuades the lad to put on the strip show so that he can pay maintenance and see his son.

5. The film’s rather odd working title was “Eggs, Beans and Chippendales”.