Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage 2: PS3: Fighting: £37.99

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FIGHTER fans might have been watching Ken’s Rage bubble up with keen interest.

The latest Fist Of The North Star offering gives players another wealth of game modes and features to accompany a plethora of playable characters and dynamic new moves, not to mention online co-op and versus options.

New sprint and dodge moves provide an added layer of continuity to combat, while the signature moves from the first title also feature frequently.

Sadly, fighter fans not devoted to the manga and anime movement may well see through the stylistic design of Ken’s Rage 2 to reveal the distinctly average game engine that lies beneath.

Despite being full of promise, the game’s parameters don’t stretch its combat possibilities beyond most gamers’ basic expectations, and this extends to the limited character development system. It’s a shame, as the online iteration provides the most fun by far, but that’s still likely to be short-lived.