Fishing club to help young people cast of crime

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YOUNGSTERS are being taught to cast off to keep away from crime.

Geoff Moon set up the We-are Fishing club after hearing children in Sunderland’s East End were stealing lead to make fishing weights.

The Welcome Tavern landlord is a qualified fishing coach and teaches a group aged seven and over.

It has been boosted with a donation totalling £800 through the Sunderland Lions and Community First.

Geoff shells out for kit to save expense to members.

He said: “I supply all the equipment, so nobody goes without.

“Some own their own equipment but, with the help of this funding, I can provide this for all the kids so it does not put a strain on their parents.

“There is the capacity for them to move on and do coaching levels one and two and become professional coaches.

“Obviously, there is the environmental side of things, so it could be a gateway into employment.”

He is also working with men through a Gentoo project and hopes to bring the generations together.

He added: “A lot of the men used to work in the shipyards.

“When they are down there fishing on the river, they are reminiscing. I think it would be very interesting for the kids.”