First impressions count

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Help a potential buyer make up their mind straight away with tips from Your Move Chris Stonock’s Area Sales Director Ian Cavagan.

Do first impressions count? Well according to research from Rightmove, they do when buying a new home!

Two in five British homeowners decided their home was the one for them before they even got past the hallway.

The research, which surveyed over 3,000 consumers, highlights the impulsive nature that many home hunters apply to one of life’s major purchase decisions, and underlines the narrow time frame sellers have to land the right first impression in the challenging UK property market.

When quizzing respondents on when they knew the property they own was the right home for them, 29 per cent admitted they made up their minds either when they first arrived, or when they first set foot in the door.

Forty one per cent of homeowners decided to buy the house they live in before getting past the hallway.

Finally, a massive 12 per cent said they hadn’t even visited the property before deciding it was theirs, either finding the property online or in a newspaper!

Similar results were seen for those currently renting with 42 per cent of tenants making up their minds before going past the hallway, highlighting the importance of presentation in properties that may just be seen as temporary homes for the tenants.

Ian Cavagan, Area Sales Director for Your Move Chris Stonock Click here for Your Move Chris Stonock said: “The importance of first impressions has never been clearer. It’s strange to think that one of life’s most important purchasing decisions can be made before going past the hallway.

“Many people already have a picture of their ‘dream home’ in their heads before they begin their property search.

“If the decision has not been made before the viewing, Rightmove reported that a further third of buyers made their decision to purchase at some stage during the first viewing, so stirring those initial emotions is vital, but it is important to cover all bases and deliver a good all-round property-viewing experience.”

The results of Rightmove’s survey may concern sellers about how to make the right first impression and capture those two in five home buyers who make impulsive, emotionally-led decisions based on early information, as well as capturing the imagination of the one in three who decide during the first viewing.

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