Firefighters rescue man from burning Sunderland house

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Crews from fire stations across Wearside rescued a man from a burning home this morning.

Five crews in total, were called to Toward Road at 12.45am where a three-storey house was ablaze.

When we got there it was apparent there was a severe fire on the second floor.

Watch Manager Don McAneny

The semi-conscious 31-year-old was rescued from a second floor bedroom and was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and burns to his hands.

Crews from Sunderland Central, Fulwell and North Moor were all called to the terraced house in Toward Road, which is currently under renovation.

Don McAneny, crew manager at Sunderland Central station, said the man had a very lucky escape and the whole incident could have been a lot worse.

He said: “There were no smoke alarms in the house. A neighbour called in the fire.

“When we got there it was apparent there was a severe fire on the second floor.”

Four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus went into the property to carry out a search and found the man in the bedroom.

Mr McAneny said: “We were on the scene for two hours putting out the fire because it had spread into the roof void.

“We worked to prevent the fire from spreading into the adjacent properties.”

People in the house next door to the burning property were evacuated, while the house on the other side was empty.

A spokesman for Tyne and Wear fire service said the second floor bedroom was destroyed by heat and smoke and the flames has spread into the roof void causing minor fire damage and 100 per cent smoke damage.

The first floor suffered fire and water damage and the ground floor also had some water damage.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation and police and fire officers are expected to be on the scene today.