Firefighters put out blaze at Sunderland home

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Firefighters attended a blaze at a Sunderland home this afternoon.

The front bedroom of a property in Neville Road caught fire, and the occupant left his house before calling for the emergency services.

Units from Sunderland Central and Marley Park attended the scene.

Sunderland Central crew manager Steve Errington said: “A single occupant gentleman realised that his front bedroom was on fire, and managed to get himself out of his house into the back yard.

“Two pumps were used: one from Sunderland Central and one from Marley Park (Fulwell).

“At one point, there were four BA wearers.

“The fire started in the front bedroom of a terraced cottage.

“Had it been five or 10 more mnutes, it would have spread and been quite bad, but we got there just in time to make sure that didn’t happen.”