Firefighters cut horse free from gate

Colliery Lane, Hetton. Picture from Google Images
Colliery Lane, Hetton. Picture from Google Images
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Firefighters had to use hydraulic cutting equipment to free a horse after it got its leg stuck in a gate.

The animal was released this afternoon after becoming trapped.

Seventeen officers from Rainton Bridge, Farringdon, Hebburn and South Shields stations were called to Colliery Lane in Hetton shortly after 12noon.

On arrival, they found a 15.2 hand Irish Draught horse which had its leg caught in a five-bar gate.

The horse, called Wynn, was lying on the ground with its left hind leg caught between two rounds of the gate.

Firefighters used cutting equipment to remove several sections of the five-bar gate in order to release the animal and allow it to stand of its own accord.

The horse, which had suffered suspected leg injuries, during its ordeal was left in the care of its owner and a vet.