Fire crews tackle factory blaze in Washington

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Fire fighters were called into action after an electrical fault on a forklift truck sparked a blaze at a Washington factory.

Staff at Vantec, on Cherry Blossom Way, Washington, were evacauted from the site after a battery-powered forklift truck short circuited and set alite.

A dozen fire fighters, from Washington, Sunderland Central and Birtley Fire Stations, turned out to the factory at 6.45pm last night.

The truck suffered minor heat damage but the fire did not spread, with only minor smoke damage caused to the factory.

The fire fighters quickly extinguished the fire after staff initially tried to extingush it themselves before alerting the emergency services.

Gary Carabine, Watch Manager at Washington Station, said: “All the safety procedures immediately kicked in.

“The staff were evecauated from the site and we turned out to extinguish the fire.

“They had tried to put it out themselves before calling us in.

“We were on site for about 40 minutes.”