Fewer crime victims

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CRIME has been cut by eight per cent.

Northumbria Police’s annual crime figures reveal there has been more than 7,000 fewer victims of crime across the force area over the last year.

Violent crime showed a 10 per cent cut and vehicle crime fell by 13 per cent.

Criminal damage saw a 19 per cent drop and there were 500 less burglaries.

Sex attacks, which had risen in 2009/10, also fell by five per cent. Racially-motivated crime fell by more than nine per cent.

Drug-related offences saw a six per cent hike. Police chiefs have put this down to officers being more effective in tackling dealers.

Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim said: “Over 7,000 fewer crimes means thousands fewer victims of crime and thousands more families feeling safe in their homes and on our streets.”

The annual figures revealed overall crime across County Durham was down by nine per cent.

House burglary, car crime, antisocial behaviour, car theft and acquisitive crime all saw a fall in figures.

Sex offences rose by 18 per cent, from 411 to 477.

Police have blamed this on more victims feeling free to come forward.