'Fantastic proposal for unsightly space' - your views on new homes plan for Sunderland riverside

Proposals to create a new neighbourhood on Wearside have got dozens of you talking on Facebook.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 6th January 2018, 12:09 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th January 2018, 12:15 pm
A photo of the former Groves Cranes site taken back in 2013, before the Northern Spire development began.
A photo of the former Groves Cranes site taken back in 2013, before the Northern Spire development began.

The plans, for the riverside area of Pallion, include 700 new homes, a school, shops and a park.

Spanning each side of the new Northern Spire crossing and situated on the former Groves Cranes Works site, the development would also include cafes, restaurants, bars and offices.

Pippa Cheetham, head of planning for Mayfair-based developer and principal landowner O&H Properties, told the Echo that the plans were put on hold as work on Northern Spire progressed.

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Now, documents for the application have been submitted to Sunderland City Council.

Here's what you had to say about the plans on Facebook:

An artist's impression by landowner O&H Properties.

Colin Fozzard: "One of our biggest assets is our riverside, yet it continues to decay.

"Look at other towns and cities with riversides, they all build on it and create jobs, attractions and wealth.

"More housing, social and exec, more green space,more lovely walks with bars and restaurants... all of this could be along our riverside."

Pete Bogg: "Great idea developing brown field site with what seems would be affordable homes - two and three bedrooms are not executive houses."

An artist's impression by landowner O&H Properties.

Dave Pinchen: "I think that it’s a good idea, but jobs are needed for people to be able to afford to buy the homes in the first place.

"Unfortunately, people will not move to Sunderland for a nice house alone."

Helen Robinson: "I hope they will consider building some affordable bungalows. There is a real need for these with an aging population."

Fred Hood: "Fantastic proposal for this unsightly wasted space , great news of more investment into Sunderland!"

Elaine Davidson: "Looks a sensible place. Much better than building on Penshaw Greenbelt with no roads or schools."

Dale Collinson: "I love it. More improvements to our city. Keep them coming"

Johnny Mustard: "They need more accessibility all along our riverside to open it up to all."

James Thompson: "We need a pub with a beer garden to take in the view!"

Sheila Jacqueline Sly: "Not enough affordable housing unfortunately."

Gillian May Donkin: "More houses,...I hope the new road layout will cope with the extra traffic."