Family's anger as Hartlepool girl waits 12 days to have broken arm treated

An 11-year-old girl was left in pain for 12 days after she received differing opinions from medics about treatment, her parents have claimed.

Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 1:41 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 2:43 pm
An X-ray taken of Mckenzie Williamsons broken arm.

The family of Mckenzie Williamson say a doctor told them her broken arm did not need an operation – despite another medic booking her in for emergency surgery.

Mckenzie broke her upper right arm while playing outside her home on Thursday, March 31. Despite being due to be operated on two days later it was not until Monday, April 11, that she had surgery when a metal plate and pins were inserted.

The University Hospital of North Tees, in Stockton.

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Mum Joanne Williamson, 35, said: “I wouldn’t let a dog suffer the way my little girl has, it’s been absolutely horrendous.”

Mckenzie was quickly seen at the One Life Hartlepool medical centre and had a splint and cast put on her broken arm after being x-rayed on the day of her accident.

The next day she went to the fractures clinic at Hartlepool’s hospital. Mum-of-three Joanne said: “On April 1 my daughter was seen by two different doctors both of which said she needed an emergency operation which would require pins, plates and screws.”

They were told to go home and await a call the next morning from the trauma team at the University Hospital of North Tees for a time for the operation.

The University Hospital of North Tees, in Stockton.

But at about 8.30am the next day, Mckenzie’s family got a call to say two orthopaedic surgeons had looked at her x-rays and said she did not need an operation.

Joanne and husband Mark Williamson, 38, who live in the Hart Lane area of Hartlepool, took Mckenzie to the hospital for a meeting with a doctor.

Joanne said: “He said Mckenzie’s break was not as bad as originally thought and would heal itself. He had her cast and splint removed. My daughter’s arm was more bent as a metal brace was put onto her broken bone.

“By this time Mckenzie was in floods of tears as the pain was unbearable and she was prescribed oral morphine.”

Joanne and Mark wanted a second opinion but had to wait until April 7 before they could see upper limb orthopaedic doctor. Joanne said he was surprised at Mckenzie’s metal brace, removed it, put another cast on, took fresh x-rays and booked her in for surgery on Monday, April 11.

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are sorry Mrs Williamson feels let down by the care her daughter has received and we would encourage her to contact our patient experience team on 01642 624719.”