Family say grandmother, 87, who went missing twice is ‘safe and well’

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The family of a pensioner missing from her Washington home have said she is now ‘safe and well.’

Jean Bradwell who went missing on Tuesday, e is said to be on her way home by family members.

Jean’s husband, Walter, alerted the police when he woke up from his nap on Tuesday afternoon and found his 87-year-old wife wasn’t there.

Jean, who was recently diagnosed with early signs of dementia, spoke to police in Durham City later that day to let them know she was fine and at her request officers agreed that a taxi would take her home.

However, although Jean got into the taxi, she never made it home, instead asking to be dropped off in Houghton, where she withdrew money from the bank and paid the taxi driver, who then drove off.

When the grandmother didn’t turn up at her Uplands Way home in Springwell, Walter contacted the police and reported her missing again.

Walter’s granddaughter, Amanda Williams, said she wanted to reassure people that although Jean has early dementia, she is still capable of looking after herself and they believe she may have just decided to have some time away to herself.