Family’s holiday sickness hell in Mallorca

HOSPITAL STAY: Faye Briggs as she was treated in hospital on holiday.
HOSPITAL STAY: Faye Briggs as she was treated in hospital on holiday.
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A MUM has told of her holiday hell after her children were struck down by a bug just hours after arriving on their first foreign break.

Emma Watkins, 32, and partner John Briggs, 34, took Faye, three, and Nathan, nine, on a £3,000 trip to Club Mac Alcudia in Mallorca in May.

However, one day into the holiday, Faye began to complain of stomach pains before throwing up and suffering from diarrhoea. Her brother also fell ill with the same symptoms.

Faye’s parents took her to hospital where she was hooked up to a drip.

The family, from Columbia in Washington, are said to be among 70 British holidaymakers who were hit by a vomiting bug in Spain, including 50 who were staying at their hotel.

Self-employed Emma, who runs an online store, said: “We were absolutely devastated.

“My little boy doesn’t want to go on holiday again and my little girl is a bit too little to understand, but she says she doesn’t like holidays and she’s not going abroad.

“It was our first family holiday. The kids had never been abroad before and I just think I subjected them to it and one of them ended up in hospital.”

The family are continuing to receive bills from the private hospital where Faye was cared for because of a misunderstanding they say on the part of their insurance company. Your Holiday Claims, a division of Farnsworth Rose law firm, has taken up their case.

Thomas Cook said it was aware of “a very small number” of customers staying at the resort that reported a stomach upset, lasting between 24 and 48 hours.

A spokesman said: “We know how important holidays are to people and how upsetting it can be when even a small number of customers fall ill while overseas.

“The management put into place internationally recognised Prevention of Spread of Infection (POSI) procedures, and an independent hygiene consultant supported their efforts while ensuring that the relevant guidelines were being followed.

“We ask any customers who may have concerns relating to their holiday to contact us directly and as quickly as possible so that we can deal with them personally in an open, honest and fair manner.

“We are confident that those customers due to travel to the resort in the future will experience the excellent levels of quality and standards they would expect from a Thomas Cook property.”