Family of ducks safely discharged from hospital car park in rescue operation

Ten little ducks were helped to safety after they found themselves over the hill and far away from home.

The ducks were helped from the hospital's multi-storey car park.
The ducks were helped from the hospital's multi-storey car park.

Staff at Sunderland Royal Hospital launched a rescue mission to help the duck and her nine ducklings after the birds were found in the mutli-storey car park of the Kayall Road site.

Graeme Wilson, David Parkin, Alan Makin and Peter Hutchinson from the hospital's CHoICE facilities services security team went to their aid.

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In a message posted on Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust's intranet said: "We all love a happy ending, right?

"Thankfully that was the case this morning after some feathers were ruffled in the multi-storey car park.

"A duck and her nine ducklings decided to take a stroll and take in the views of our hospital site, but the multi-storey is no place for our feathered friends and made us wonder ‘waddle we do?’

"So we called on the team who most fitted the ‘bill’ – security!

The security team went to the rescue of the duck and her nine ducklings.

"Peter, David, Graham and Alan rushed straight to the scene and even stopped traffic to make sure our visitors crossed the road safely.

"‘Winging’ it, they then carefully caught the duck and her ducklings in blankets and transported them to Barnes Park where they were released into the water.

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"Not wanting to be ‘plucked’ into the limelight, the modest team just went about their business, but this duck tale caught the attention of colleagues who thought a some recognition was necessary.

"So well done guys!

"Good to know it all ended up going ‘swimmingly’."