'Excellent as always' - 30 things you said about the Red Arrows at Sunderland Airshow

Flying display team the Red Arrows have once again been the stars of this year's Sunderland Airshow.

Saturday, 28th July 2018, 5:34 pm
Updated Saturday, 28th July 2018, 5:37 pm
The Red Arrows at Sunderland Airshow.

Echo readers in their droves have left comments praising the group, who are performing across all three days of the annual extravaganza.

Rebecca Parkin wrote: "Red arrows never fail to put on a good show."

The Red Arrows at Sunderland Airshow.

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Ian MacBeth added: "The show is free and the Red Arrows will always bring in the crowds whatever or wherever they do displays.

"The are the Elitists of Air Displays."

Sarah Nicholson wrote: "Brilliant display from Red Arrows."

Angela Wright wrote: "Never fail to impress no matter how many times you see them."

The Red Arrows at Sunderland Airshow.

Charlie Ellis wrote: "Watching on a train in London. Always a great display."

Val Milnes added: "So pleased the weather cleared for them."

Eve Yvonne said simply: "Brilliant."

Sarah Hogg wrote: "Amazing these guys."

The Red Arrows at Sunderland Airshow.

Vicky Peplow added: "Amazing display thank you Sunderland Echo for making it available for those that can't be there in person. Much appreciated."

Sheila Bell wrote: "Got goosebumps."

Junelle Stiles Sellers wrote: "Watching from Tennessee in the US. We were there three years ago in person and loved the Red Arrows."

Chloe Cooper wrote: "Saw them when the flew over my house this morning and this afternoon ! It was amazing!"

The Red Arrows at Sunderland Airshow.

Wendy Clarke added: "Watching from my villa in Croatia."

Iris Hackett wrote: "This is a treat when you can’t manage to get to the seafront!!"

Avril Gibbons added: "Watching from Lincolnshire thank you Sunderland Echo."

Marie Ann Bestford wrote: "Best in the world brilliant."

Emma Louise Moan added: "Gutted I cannot be there this year. Thanks for videoing this."

Ron Clark wrote: "They are excellent, what a wonderful display."

Christine Holbourn added: "Brilliant performance."

Joyce Frater wrote: "Amazing."

Margaret Osman added: "Fabulous."

Tamsie Paget wrote: "Wish I was there."

Nicola Hay added: "Hello from Cyprus we watch them in Akrotiri Airbase practising for their tours around the world amazing."

Denise Pake added: "Love the airshow wish we had more events like this to show how great Sunderland is."

Michelle Rowe wrote: "They just flew over our house, WOW the noise."

Christine Alcock added: "Watching live from Hemel Hempstead wish l was there ..amazing."

Kerri Knutsen added: "Love the Red Arrows."

Gayle Houghton wrote: "Watching from Seaham - Amazing!"

Matty Hodges added: "Unbelievable skill."

Sue Urwin wrote: "Fabulous as always."