Stargazing session at Souter Lighthouse

Souter Lighthouse
Souter Lighthouse
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Amateur astronomers are invited to look to the skies at the National Trust’s Souter Lighthouse this weekend.

South Shields Astronomical Society is hosting Stars at Souter, a free event with experts on hand to guide visitors through the wonders of the night sky on Saturday between 5pm and 11pm.

Society spokesman Ian Wardlaw, said: “If it is clear, the highlight of the night will be the bright comet Catalina which already has two distinct tails. The first quarter moon is always good to see through a telescope as the craters and mountains are clearly visible.

“There will also be galaxies, star clusters, globular clusters and bright nebula in the constellations Orion, Gemini, Andromeda and Hercules.

“We’re hoping people who have enjoyed BBC Star Gazing Live on TV this week will be keen to learn more about astronomy.”

Stars at Souter is a free event and there is no need to book. People are invited to drop in between 5pm and 11pm. Meet outside the white walls between the car park and lighthouse.

Call 0191 5290909 for more information.

For a guide to star gazing for beginners, visit