See the little llama which is the first to be born in Penshaw

A rare baby llama has been spotted at Penshaw just a day after it was born.

Wednesday, 14th August 2019, 8:12 pm
The llama has been spotted with its mother at Penshaw

The black llama was born on Wednesday, August 14 and has been spotted by its mother’s side.

It is unknown as to whether the llama is male or female yet as they have been letting it adjust to life.

The llama’s mother was rescued. Jimmy Richardson, farmer and owner of the animals at Penshaw said: “I rescued it about four years ago.

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The llama is settling in nicely

“We breed lots of baby animals. We have been there for around forty years now.”

In Mexico and America, llamas are used to protect the sheep and that is how they are used at Penshaw.

At birth, llamas can weigh between 9kg and 14 kg. A baby llama is called a ‘cria’ which is Spanish for baby.

Llamas give birth while standing usually within less than 30 minutes.

Jimmy's grandson Liam, 7, loves all of the animals at the farm

Llamas typically live for 15 to 25 years, with some known to survive for 30 years or more.

Jimmy believes that it could be the first llama to be born at Penshaw. He said: “I’ve never heard of one being born here before.”

He urges locals to avoid disturbing both the cria and its mother as it is his llama’s first baby and she is getting used to things.

There are plenty more animals around Penshaw

Jimmy is unsure at the moment of the future for the land and believes he will know more by the end of the summer.